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C'mon Son!

Feb 12, 2020

Valentine's Day always brings up the topics of love and singleness, and this episode is no different.  Daree & Daj reminisce about lessons learned in different single periods of their lives, rant about people who assume you have time to do whatever just because your single, and rude questions people ask about your...

Jan 29, 2020

Church gatherings, meetings and meetups.  People often find a way to come together and when they leave, sometimes they're better off, and sometimes it's a waste of time. You don't always know which way it's gonna go.
00:49 Meetings
10:11 Meetups
18:28 Natural hair meetups in Atlanta
18:58 Church stuff

Jan 15, 2020

Sometimes you just gotta go.  And when you combine the urge to go with I-95 traffic congestion, anxiety and panic attacks, it gets messy.  Daj explains what happened during her holiday travels and a few requests for those who manage public bathrooms (especially in fast food restaurants).

Jan 1, 2020

What was supposed to be a rant about New Year's Day and its implications took a sharp turn into a mini-coaching session about goals, accountability, getting organized, and planning to get what you want.  It doesn't matter what day it is-- just...

Dec 18, 2019

'Tis the season for traveling, missing connecting flights, and overall chaos on the highways and byways.  Daree & Daj discuss solo travel, Daj's 50-state goal, recall some harrowing "travelations" and mention their trip plans in 2020.